Given that this was now 9 years ago, this will be incredibly hard to remember! I suppose the strange thing is that I decided to shave my hair off. I wasn’t sporting a beard at the time (due to the fact it probably wouldn’t grow) so I looked like a little chubby adult baby.

My favourite image has got to be the first one, and of course I have blown it up because it such a difference to what I look like now! (see the about page for more recent shots)

Me and a couple of other mates (one of them being Gav from the photos) went to V2006 but I don’t seemed to remember taking any photos. I think I remember being quite shy back then so none of these shenanigans would have happened then. Especially no shaving of the hair and spraying it yellow like a branded sheep in a field which is preparing to be sheared. Or other words begging with S.


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