Snowdon; Sam BOLT!

Jules and I decided to get up super-early and conquer Mt. Snowdon at ridiculous o’clock! This ended up being at 3am! After setting off from home at just after 3, we arrived at base just after half 4; the sun was eagerly waiting to rise in the distance. The strangest thing was there were people running up the Pyg Track route at this time, I think they were training for some form of challenge/event.

Writing about these photos 5 years after they were taken, it’s clear to see some changes have been made and also nice to have nostalgic memories of pets! Oscar, the black and white collie in the photos, left us late 2016, so writing about him and see the photos always brings back brill times with him.


The photo of me in the above gallery was from this challenge we did back in 2014. This was the year I dropped 3 stone (18kg) in a 6-month period. This was due to having a manual labour job (BT Openreach), hitting the gym 4-5 times a week, religiously, and also from eating super clean!

Is that you… Dad?

What a poser! Oscar, not me! on the left-hand side of the gallery. I can’t remember exactly how I got him to stay in that particular position, but he was most probably bribed with a stone, stick, piece of cheese or some form of other dog treat!

Again, below, this was definitely bribery with a stone! He used to be obsessed with them, I would say even more so than food!


Oscar; 2002-2016


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