Snowdon – 06/17

After seeing and hearing about Rob getting superfit (ish) and going to the gym alongside healthy eating, I was genuinely inspeared by his level of dedication and he looked amazing! The sheer weight loss was incredible and the hard work for him had really paid off.

I had done a similar thing back in 2014 where I lost almost 3 stone. It was such hard work but the results had been amazing. ‘The cameras over here’. Oh, the results had been amazing.

The views, as always, breathtaking… Rob started to choke.

I’ve always been a yoyo dieter over the years and my weight has been up and down like there is no tomorrow. If you know me then my most overused acronym has got to be DSM – Diet Starts Monday of DST, for tomorrow! They are near impossible to stick to but as I’ve said before, diet’s don’t work, it’s a lifestyle change that you need.

I know when I am guzzling drink down my neck, shoving a double cheeseburger in my face and / or doing something similar which is packed with calories, saturated fats and sugars, that I don’t really need it. It’s always fun for the first 10-15 minutes and then you just feel fat and dirty. I imagine sleeping with a lady of the night has a very similar feeling. But it’s more like 4-5 minutes and not 15!

Anyway, as I have deviated from my original point yet again! What I meant to say was the original Snowdon trip was organised a few months ago. Rob came down from t’Bradford and we went to see Joe (the night before the big hike) to have a catch up and a ‘few’ beers. As Rob was the designated driver, I decided (not pre-meditated) to have a few more than normal, after we had eaten our very rich and exciting tapas, which put me into a projectile & sick-induced coma.

Posing with the ‘White Mr Motivator’

What I actually meant, was that I got twatted, was unable to drive the next day, and ruined the whole trip. Getting in at 4am, blind drunk, passing out and suffering from temporary amnesia AND having to potentially drive at 0630 was not a good idea!

We left about 0530 to arrive for around 0700, thinking we would easily slip into a parking space at the main car park. Errrrrrrm, NO. I had never seen it so busy. We had to drive toards Llanberis and park about a mile away in the wrong direction.


(just covering my own back incase I was inadvertently incriminating myself!)

Our first mission was walking uphill with our bags, in 18 degree heat, even before we started climbing the classic Pyg Track route. With the sun, beating down, it was hurting my feet just walking around. Now that doesn’t sound all that hard, but for someone who hasn’t been keeping fit it was a real struggle!

I reached the summit (of the car park which precedes the walk) and was sweating like Theresa May running through a wheat field.

I was done, I was knackered, but I still had to walk about 5 miles uphill. It is a physical and mental challenge walking Snowdon when you carry more weight and lack a certain level of fitness. Nevertheless, I started, and I finished.

That was my determination, resilience and competitiveness shining through.

Of course the white Mr Motivator who had recently shed some unwanted poundage was smahsing it up and leaving me behind, maybe he had inadvertantly heard that there was a secret cheeseburger party at the top?

Oh! I forgot to mention I made a video of our trip. Most of these photos were taken on an iPhone 6s plus/7, but I made a point of carrying my GoPro for short clips to compile at a later date, here it is…

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