Can’t Think of a Title

The title is not important. But hopefully it’s got someone’s attention.

I have been writing my blog now since last July 24th (2017) and from the bottom of my heart, I really hope I have got someone’s attention, made their day, or hell, even saved a life!

If that person somewhere in the World is reading this, thinking:

“Yeah Sam, you’re just another blogger trying to cheer people up over the internet and tell your story”…

Well yeah, sort of, but I often try to make the point that people are not alone in times of sadness, depression, anxiety, low-self esteem etc. The person who is reading this (feeling alone) is not alone, you are not alone. You may feel it. And so do I, at times (he says, currently writing a blog at 10pm at night sitting under a tree!) but it’s part of being human.

We all have to be alone sometimes. It’s just a shame that some of us have to be accompanied by anxiety, depression, sadness… the only things that we don’t want to be keeping us company!

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