Depression & Anxiety Strategy Numero 1

0615 this morning. 15 degrees. A view for miles. Beautiful.

Ok, Geno (aka Dad!) has been moaning at me for a while now about getting out and about, fit, super fit, blah blah blah… It’s not that I don’t want to do it, but it’s hard to get motivated, especially when you are a little out of shape and carrying a little holiday weight… from 2004!

“Citalopram has remained @ 20mg”

This has to be key for me. I have been taking these tablets for almost 1 year now, and although they have helped me (increased my levels of serotonin), I don’t really want to be taking them.

“Why are you taking them then?!”

Ok, as humans, if we don’t want to take something, then we usually wont, unless under extreme duress, of course. But let me get you to understand that depression (referring to last year) is a killer. It sometimes gives you NO alternatives.

The believed the only option I had at the time was to take this drug I am now all so familiar with, called Citalopram, and pray to God that it was going to work.

I started to do many other things alongside this, for example, writing this blog, being more upfront, open and honest about how I felt with almost anyone. I also used to remain active, listen to HEADSPACE and I went hot chicken (similar to cold turkey) on alcohol.

See the widget on the right-hand side for the few days I have left to complete my challenge!

“I’m no alcoholic”.

I’ve recently started exercising again, hard and fast like I used to do it! I have big legs, good stamina and I am super-competitive, so I must combine all of these attributes of Sam and make myself into a super-Sam!

OK, maybe I am going a little overboard here, but this really does help me when I am feeling down. I’m sure scientists can reel off their tongues a big ‘spiel’ about the technical terms involved and all the levels of serotonin being released – But I don’t need to know this, as long as I feel better, then I don’t mind!

STRAVA Screenshot
1st place out of 75 people who completed the same challenge.

This is a screenshot from my STRAVA account. I walked up Rodney’s Pillar this morning @ 0540. I had been the leader for a while (see screenshot below), but I was recently knocked off top spot. The challenge here was walking at pace from bottom to top, taking the usual route of the spiral path around the mountain and following the road.




This screenshot was from the mobile version of the GPS app – This one shows my time at the top, beating the person below me and also beating my older time using a different account! (now deactivated).

My alternative time was 36 minutes & 50 seconds which is shown at position number 3. This was then beaten to my annoyance but it only inspeared me to go and walk another even quicker time!

Thriving on my own personal performance is something I have always been exceptionally good at, especially when leaderboards, excel spreadsheets or tables and involved!

My next aim is to beat this time set by myself this morning of 36:01.


I have added a new widget to my site – See on the right-hand side when you scroll up the page. This is a link to my STRAVA account – You can click this to follow my progress and see how I am doing. I have set my self a target to beat the time and slam in a 35 minute walk – This will be tough, but nothing is impossible.

The next stage of my fitness will be to run up to the top, I will be aiming for a time of around 30 mintues dead to start with.

So… in summary, as I seem to be the master of message-delivery-procrastination when it comes to telling you about my blog – More exercise. Record the events. Be competitive. Eat clean. Keep blogging. Keep talking about mental health.



What’s alcohol?! 


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