That’s life. It is what it is. Such clichés.

Some hard decisions have been made recently and explaining them to other people has very difficult, near on impossible, due to the simple fact that I don’t know the reasons behind my actions myself.

‘Imagine a mirror bigger than the room it’s placed in…’

The Beautiful South sang a song, Rotterdam, containing the above lyric, and when you hear it, you immediately try to picture this mirror in a room. For every individual who listens, the mirror, room, house, and even minor details of the mirror will be so unique to that person that there will thousands, if not millions of combinations which depict this mirror bursting out of this imaginary room.

The point I’m trying to make here, with my strange mirror analogy, is that as soon as something happens, and a decision is subsequently made, the reasons are not always apparent to the outside World. It can be hard, extremely hard to understand, but there WILL be a reason somewhere; finding it is the obscure and least fun part.

“Judgement and aspersions can be cast without prior knowledge of a persons’ reasons for actions, but hesitancy must be taken into consideration before these subconscious thoughts take place to account for said reasons in case they are valid”.

I should be a philosopher, because I really like the above phrase! It looks like it’s written by some snobby old Englishman called Terrance, as he sits in his Michael Portillo outfit, smoking his long cigar and chilling out in his billiard room as he resides in his palace – See the cover photo! (This was complete fluke!)

My above quoted new philosophical rant had the intention that it is not always clear that everybody knows the reasons for their or someone else’s’ actions, and they shouldn’t be judged for them. It can cause excruciating pain to themselves and others when said actions are taken, but if this person feels they have no choice, what options, really, do they have?




Acceptance is the key, whether that takes a long time or a little, because at the end of the day, it is what it is, and yes life does go on!

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