Longmynd Hike

Thinking about a 13-mile jaunt up this neck of the woods actually made me feel very unfit because I hadn’t completed a long walk like this in a long time; but the results, were just amazing.

I’ve been back to the gym for about 2 months now and over the past 6/7/8 weeks I have been chopping & changing what I’ve been doing – Keeping my body ‘guessing’ and making sure I am completely knackered when I have finished working out. I see it as if there isn’t sweat on your t-shirt when you exit the gym then you need to go back in for more!

“Go hard or go home!”

That’s a bit of a common and ‘chavvy’ phrase but it’s very appt. for me at the moment.

The hard work I have put in at the gym really helped me on the hike, alongside the tenacity and determination I have got me up to the top and back down again in a very good time. We were not competing, but we averaged 2.9 mph and completed the 13.1 miles in just under 5 hours.

An extremely long day as I had been tired from the gym over the past week prior to the hike and I had not really trained! Nonetheless, we completed this as a foursome + 2 canines and it was rewarded with a pint of Guinness, homemade cottage pie and a hot bath! What an awesome day to book off work!

Some of the best photos from the hike:

Alfie, Lucy & Geno (Patrick!)

About 85% complete – Having a well-earned rest

Posing with Patrick

Action shot of the troopers


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