Hi, I’m Sam…


Your ‘average’ person in the World who plods along in life just breathing the same old air as everyone else, walking the same paths and admiring the same scenery as every other Tom, Dick or Dave.

A slight contradiction in terms, but I’m unique in the same way that everyone else is, the only difference is I’m telling my story through the medium of the internet; the all-so-famous World Wide Web.

“Isn’t technology amazing?”

This blog was initially setup to solely write about the issues I was having (past tense!) with mental health – Mainly depression and anxiety. It was a tough time for me when I started writing back in mid 2017, but it’s something I have continued and thoroughly enjoyed to write about. The one tip I would give about the best way to cope with any problems to do with mental health, would be to write about it, using any format! The metaphorical weight it lifted from my shoulders as a direct result of the decrease in stress levels was phenomenal!

Anyway, enough about that…

Going forward, I aim to leave all the above mentioned things behind and focus on my life ahead, because let’s be honest, I have lived one third of it already – Not many more years to go!

“I’ve had elegant sufficiency, I’ve fared sumptuously, any more would be an overload to my already exasperated appetite”Douglas Firtree