Hopton @ night


It’s been a while since I have fiddled with my GoPro so I gave it a shot last night; nice pun, Sam!

I set it to run on a pile of planks of wood throughout the frosty night, capturing every 30 seconds and taking 315 images until the battery died.

I haven’t edited, hence why the 2nd window looks overexposed; I couldn’t work out why it was so bright and then suddenly it went pitch black but kept recording; then I figured that’s when the lights were turned off and everybody went to bed…


The photo is still pretty sweet – It captures half of the night sky – Next time I will angle the camera slightly higher and make sure there is a lot less ‘black space’.



An ever-growing collection of my favourite photos from over the years. Predominantly in black and white, if not the vast majority!

I don’t know why but I am somewhat drawn to these types of photos. I think it’s because it enhances the photo and makes it more unique and personal to the person taking them. It also gives a sense of focusing on the subject (depending on the photo) a lot more than usual and it looks more in focus.

Upon looking through them, it applies a sense of solace and desolation to the subjects. One picture tells a thousands words but the black and white effect adds that extra few more making it that little bit more special.

You will find a lot of them based around animals are taken of Oscar, who’s no longer with us. He was our boy for 14 years and we had some life-changing memories with him. He’s the black and white dog who depicts the outstanding beauty in the snow photos! Here’s a blow up of the favourite of him…


This photo was taken back in 2013 when Oscar was 11. He was taught from a very early age (from varying family members before we get into that debate again!) about being very disciplined, so getting him to sit in the snow for a photo taken 10 metres was a doddle. The only problem we had was getting him to sit flat as he didn’t want to get a wet soggy bottom! Still, he managed it, and what a beautiful photo he made.

Here are the rest of the photos…