You’ve done it again! – NO ALAN YOU CARRNT!

Big day for me today, 3 months sober.

*Does a little dance… makes a little love… and pretty much gets down tonight*

I’m a proud, proud person. The achievement is phenomenal. You fat slobs might be on the sofa reading this thinking ‘ahhhh that’s easy!’ – Well it actually is, if you have a clear goal in mind! But seriously, try it, what do you need it for anyway?

On the other hand I seem to be stuffing my face full of sweets so I may need to cut down on them. Rather than crippling my liver with Jack Daniels (not a bad way to do it!) I will end up slipping myself uncontrollable into a skittles-induced diabetic coma… again… not a bad way to go!

That’s it for this post! Shocker, I know, I don’t need to ramble on like I am doing now because I’ve got to stage 3 of 12, 9 months to go! Easy!


Adding this one in as a random and un-related photo – Sunday dinner cooked by Jules; Tarragon Chicken, crispy new potatoes with broccoli and green beans – 9.5/10 as nothing is perfect! I’m sure she’ll be happy with that as I’ve now published her cooking on the World Wide Web.