Apparantly, I’m numbers obsessed? I’d call myself a better looking Rainman.

This is because I count down to seeing you every single day. Before I go to bed, I tell myself only ‘X’ amount of days until I see you. When I wake up, I tell myself it’s only ‘X’ amount of days until I see you. You see me. We see each other. Potato. Potarto.

How can I not be numbers mad?! I’ve never looked forward to ANYTHING in my life as much as this day! (Mañana es cuarenta dias!)

This emotion has taken over my brain… what is it? Crazy. But for once, unlike other relationships, I do not feel anxious, depressed, weird, abnormal; just happy. That’s all I need to keep going.

That’s down to you, Adriana. I know you love it when I mention your name. But it’s so true. You’re my other half and you work together with me, all those miles away, to make this a relationship which we call ‘us’.

It’s not perfect, but, if I am one-tenth as happy when you come back, as I am now, I’ll be forever grateful that I’ve met you.

Our journey has only just begun… and…  boy I am excited!

No-one else will know our plans, but I am sure our smiles will give away how much we are both looking forward to them.