Like a fine wine, like an old cheese…

Just to start us off – Photo of the week was yet again food, because it’s amazing! These were old pita breads which were 7 days old and about to be chucked away – So I shoved some mashed boiled egg, rocket, spinach, feta, black pepper and oil in and made a delish meal!

A modesty blog, a blog full of self-appreciation, a blog full of big-headed comments. Of course, why the f*ck not, this is all about me, screw the rest of you.

Not really, but I like to think you get what I am saying. If not. Listen closely. Turn your hearing aid up, sit back in your rocking chair with your mug of Earl Grey (mother) and don’t be an interrupting tw*t.

I’ve heard so many people moaning recently; moaning about life, relationships, work, friends, etc etc – So much negativity from so few mouths! I am sure there is some sort of old myth  / cliché lying about somewhere which states that if you think negative then negative things or bad things will happen.

I haven’t really thought like that for a while. I’ve been busy, keeping myself active and sometimes (mainly at work) racing around like a headless chicken. For me, this helps. Keeping my tiny brain occupied is one of the contributing to factors to me battling depression.

For those of you who are now thinking, ‘Oh my god, you a such a hypocrite, you moan all the time!’ – Well, yes, I do, but I do it for effect and probably because there is nothing better to do at the time! It’s the real moaners you have to watch out for, the people who can bring you down with their negativity, the people who don’t make you smile when you see them and the people who just aren’t worth your time of day.

For those of you who actually may be inspired by my not-yet-award-winning-blog, get of your fat ass and do something about what you want to change. If I can, you can.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t turned myself into a health freak (yet), I am just eating the usual junk or craving food in moderation, going to the gym and changing little things at a time. I’ve seen big change already in almost 4 months so that’s the most inspirational and  motivating thing for me personally.

I’m currently sat in my shorts writing this blog, eating 2 semi-hard boiled eggs and fried mashed potato and veg from 2 days ago. I’m no Gordon Ramsey but it actually tastes pretty darn good.

Now I have got myself in better shape, I will be starting some challenges soon and posting them on here. Little ones, but achieving something even as small as making your bed in the morning really does help me with depression. It sounds really silly to think about but I used to just leave it when I walked out of the house. If I am now in a rush, over sleep, or have something which makes me late for work in the morning, I will always make my bed to tell myself that I have achieved something.