Upon reflection

Just giving a little more detail on this last week and how it has gone.

After initially breaking down last Sunday (23rd) after a few gins the night before which I think sent me over the edge, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were good days.

I re-joined an old gym (Rowton Castle Country Club) which I had previously been a member of 2-3 years back and decided it was time to go back. I spent 2/3 days there to get those endorphins flowing around my body from my brain and really pushing myself and getting that feel good factor going.

It was all going well until Thursday when I had another come down, again. That was twice in 4 days which was unusual. It was very upsetting again but I wasn’t quite sure what it was which actually set me off. Perhaps it was a combination of things like last time.

Anyway, after much-needed support from friends and family I got back on my feet on the Friday and since then has been good. I’ve been hitting the gym, keeping busy, listening to HEADSPACE which is a great app, remaining focused on what goals I want to achieve and very importantly eating as healthily as I can; yesterday being an exception with a homemade Beef Wellington followed by a raspberry and chocolate brownie. All credit to Julie there.

I feel depression is very much like being involved in a RTC – Road Traffic Collision. Some of you are expecting some sort of quick witted comment here or a joke but it’s actually a very serious point.

So it’s causing a person to have a ‘broken mind’ much like the dismantled and twisted metal or plastic that you see jumbled up in a car collision. It is ALWAYS repairable, some cars can take longer than others to repair but there is always a solution to be tailored for each individual car.

You are probably thinking, what about when cars are written off? Yes, that would be the equivalent to a person taking their own life but what they fail to realise is there is ALWAYS a way out. For someone who has depsression it’s very hard to admit that sometimes, but now I am feeling better it’s good for me (and hopefully others) to get it out in the open.

When a car is written off, it’s normally because it’s not financially viable for that particular vehicle to have money spent on it to resume normal service. But… it can be done. Of course it can. If time, effort and determination is put into this ‘project’ or total repair then anything can be accomplished.

It’s exactly the same with the mind. If it’s broken, damaged or not on the right track; fix it, repair it or put it back on.