Everyone wants this connection.

This is real love.

Most of us meet new people all the time. Different colours, sizes, heights, looks, religions, races, sexualities, you get the picture. This happens to me on a daily basis, especially working in retail.

I suppose I would say 99.99% of the people I have seen during the last 19 months I have worked here have made an impact on me; they come in, I build rapport, we have a laugh, we tell a few jokes, I try to make them laugh, they get what they want and they leave happy. Or so it goes. I suppose that’s a prefect retail scenario. They make an impact on me because I will think about how nice they have been with me (or some not so nice!) and they will pop into my mind every so often because of a sparked memory. Eventually, most will leave my mind as the ‘connection’ we built between us in store, fades.

There is always one person. One person you seem to connect with more than others. They make you smile, they make you feel sick like you have butterflies in your stomach, they make you laugh, they make you feel like nobody else matters.

It’s fascinating how the human body responds to different people. What is it that makes you like one person and not the other. That feeling of ‘love’ comes to mind. You can pick up a copy of Collins’ dictionary to find out that the definition of love is ‘a strong feeling of affection’ – Which in most cases is very appropriate, but for me, it’s more.

Someone’s attributes can mean love. A smile, notorious for being somewhat contagious, can be an everlasting memory. When they leave, you close your eyes, and imagine their smile – It then makes you smile. This feeling when you are both smiling is something which doesn’t happen very often. It’s things like this which I believe are related and very strongly linked to love.

Ok, you can smile about a friend smiling, or family member, or even an acquaintance, but there is more, always.

There’s something special for me about touching someone’s skin. This is a person who you have strong feelings for. A person who makes you smile, laugh, embarrassed, warm, feel loved, wanted and above all else, feel yourself. Combine all these factors with touching their skin and it makes a connection. You can look into their eyes for several minutes at a time and it doesn’t feel awkward in the slightest.

I’ve done this recently (as you can probably tell by this loving blog post!) and the feel is indescribable. I am struggling to put it into words now to be honest – But doing my best, as always.

Ok, that sounds easy, like you can do it with anyone, but you can’t, so try it… look into the eyes of someone you know for several minutes and do it without smiling – Just admire them for how you know them and how you are connected to them in any way, shape or form.

Most of you will find that it is awkward, you get a lump in your throat from being nervous, anxious or whatever you want to call it. You find yourself feeling compelled to look away but at the same time you want to complete the challenge.

Not as easy as it looks is it? That’s because you don’t love them in the way I have been describing.

When you find it, don’t let it go. As you can tell I am in this situation right now! I want to share because this person means so much to me – And yes, she knows!

I guarantee she smiles reading this part… I will update you with the date and time WHEN she does!

Look, in all seriousness, there may be obstacles, of course, because life is not handed to you on a plate. But work at them! That’s the sort of fun part. Isn’t the cliché… ‘Grab life by horns?’

Well start grabbing, or it might be too late. Don’t let this person get away from you. If you are happy with it, let them be your stalker, because…



everybody wants this connection.