6 days have passed but it feels like 6,000.

56 days to go and it feels like 6,000.

12 hours since we spoke and it feels like 6,000.

Love is measured in time. Maybe that’s why it’s all relevant to our lives? The question is somewhat rhetorical and almost inevitably unanswerable, but most of us want an answer.

I’m pining for your touch, your smile, your laugh, your energy around me, your physical presence and your unconditional love.

I don’t know what’s happening to me.

It’s such an amazing feeling, not just having these super-strong feelings of love, connection, romance, and togetherness; but to have them reciprocated.

I’ve had romances in the past and have felt like I’ve been in love, or she has been ‘the one’, but this all changed when I met you. The feeling is 1,000 times stronger in every possible way.

Soul mates are 2 parts of a jigsaw. You are one and I am the other. We fit together in all ways posssible.

Who cares that we haven’t found each other until now?

Nobody worth knowing. We’ve found each other. Surely that’s all that matters? (Rhetorical, but the answer is a definate YES!)

This is such a strange feeling but you are definitely my drug. I’m having massive withdrawal symptoms and it’s almost like my heart is hurting – Hurting with the temporary non-physical presence of someone you love.

Texting is fun. Video calls are even better, but there is nothing like feeling the soft touch of your skin as I wrap my arms around you, look deep into your eyes and kiss you.

Each day passes slower than the last. It feels longer than the next and hurts more than the present.